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Term of Service


I will not do:

  • Underage pornography of fictional & non-fictional characters, bestiality/ non-sapient creatures NSFW

  • Extreme/Morbid fetishes

  • Art intended to demonize or spread hate.

  • Political/Social commentary.

  • Heavy Mecha (ask if you need it)

NSFW rules:

  • NSFW commissions are only for 18+ clients

  • You always are free to ask me anything if you have doubts when comes to draw the NSFW content that you want

  • If you don't want to people to know that you did a commission NSFW with me i can always keep my clients anonymous

If the potential client is unsure of the topic of what they would like, they can ask me anytime.



All transactions are handled with invoice system and the currency used is United States Dollar (USD "$"). The Payment is upfront, there may be exceptions to this according to individual clients needs, but not definite. (you can always dm me so we can talk about it)

The way i work

-Every month i open 4 to 5 slots , if i accept your commission, i'll inform you your position in the queue and soon after that i'll provide a rough sketch of your commission.

-These sketches are malleable for the client to request changes, the larger the change desired: the more immediate to tell me it is.


-VERY IMPORTANT - if clients ask for changes after accept my sketches, i'll make the changes, but sometimes i'll ask for a fee depending of the changes and the complexity.

-I have a complexity fee that i ask sometimes depending of the commission and this apply to the changes that can happen after the sketches are done.

-I DONT do "Artist Freedom". I prefer my client to tell me upfront EVERYTHING that they want. I had issues before with people not liking the end result when i decided on what to do.

-In case of reference sheet, if you ask me to designer an OC for you, i'll ask for a fee depending of the details and complexity.

-In Case you commission me a sketch or a no color piece and after you want me to color it, i will ask a full price commission of a colored piece. So if want a piece that is colored and full shaded i recommend my already colored options,so you don't have to pay extra for my work.

Comunication is key, you can ask me anything/anytime.


Refunds and Compensation

In some circumstances, I or the client may call for a refund and cancel the continuance of the commission Depending on when the client cancels, there will be a compensation fee that will fluctuate according to how much time was already put into the piece, the overall price, and the stage on where the illustration is at.

Comunication is key, you can ask me anything/anytime.


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